. (zxz) wrote,

Take A BreaK

anything goes
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Twist a black Dutch up, whattup, crane style, chain style
Magnolium Rock, twenty-eight thou', plus
gorgeous, Star Trek cordless
Finish the {bitch} we in it, need more fish in the fortress
Flashback freeze, cheddar in the sweater three keys
Myer Lans' stance, Don Steez

Yo, take time out, hold your nine out
Polly with the all time lineup, send mine to shine, what?
Cream Team lifestyle, aight now..
Fuck around get wiped out, mic fightin on the kite now
Despite thou, go against us, win it right now
Shed light, bring it to light, and move right
Yo, the effervesence of my team be cool, calm
Persuasive, deadly, posessive, manic depressive
In the golden art, {niggaz} get torn apart
in the dark, sharks swim deeper than Noah's Ark
In Tha Hood, Spider breddern, stay rebellin
Better be, careful of the beef that you meddle in
Devilish advocates, death peddlin
Turn another kettle in, we be veterans
Yo, it's us, the Cold Crush, ice {niggaz} plush
Baby what, peep the black dust, diamond in the rough
Give a {fuck}, I'm like iodine, see me in the cut?
Playin shadows, ridin on the track side-saddle
Long John Silver, the God on your block like God-zilla
*RRAWWARRR* She gave away my {pussy} I'ma kill her
Aiyyo, spit for me, hear me, Cream Team
Wake these {niggaz} up they ain't hear me, promotin on Leary
Yo come back, switch slang theory
LJ Cream with no I in the team, laser beam
Yo, yo
For all you niggaz sayin that my shit is sick, just imagine
the ninety percent of my brain that I ain't even used yet
Take a deep breath, quick, suck in as much air
as my lungs will permit -- then I start to kick that shit
I been gettin busy before the planets started to turn
Before the bees, the birds, and Adam and Eve occured
Prior to all creation, in other words
When the female egg will merge with the man's sperm
I stand firm, my words burn through your exterior
The eat away at your interior, I'm superior
While you only pretend to be, I can double my density
from three-sixty degrees to seven-twenty instantly
Six, multiplied by five by four by three by two
then one, go head and calculate the sum
The time has cometh, I was summoned to punish
Motherfuckers with mouths to run it ? with rubbish
When I come through, niggaz stand stiller than statues
Cause if I have to, I'll battle your whole rap crew
Then I'll attack you with words that's absurd
and rip your fuckin skin off just to get on your nerves